We Trap the animals and then relocate wild animals up to 15 miles away from where they were caught,  They wont be back.

Here are some other pest control services:

Transporting suspect Rabid Animals to the state Lab for testing

Property Inspection,

We will find all points of entry, and come up with a game plan to rid your home and property of the nuisance animals

Chimney cap installation

Keeps animals from entering your home through the chimney.

Attic cleaning and Restoration

After safely removing the animals from your attic we can sanitize, check your wiring clean or  replace your insolation

       Odor control

       Non-toxic odor removal products will remove any odor safely.

      Minor tree trimming

      Gutter cleaning & gutter guard installation
      Keeping clean gutters and installing gutter covers does not provide rodents and other animals   
      with a food  source on your roof.