We solve problems between People and wild animals with live trapping.

Norma catches a BIG SKUNK as it Attacks !

Norma catches a BIG SKUNK as it AttackS (joke) it is a release video that I reversed.

We caught the mom now get babies out of the ceiling

We caught the mother and move in and take the babies out of the ceiling

Baiting A Rat Trap

On this video I demostrate how I properly bait a rat trap

Garter Snake / Glue Trap Release

We Rescued this snake from a dug well using a glue trap watch him get away.

Mom coon takes baby wipes

Went in to remove baby coons from the wall, SURPRIZE mom is still inside and not happy growling and grabbing my saw, so I gave her some baby wipes to clean up with, I was hoping she would take the hint take the babies and leave the house. All baby critters are taken to rehab. crittercatcher.org

Maine Skunk Release and Relocate

I let this skunk out of the tube trap about 8 miles from where he was causing a stink, he seems to be happy at his new location and he walked off to a brush pile. Skunks have no odor unless they spray. But if they do what I find works best to wash the stink of dogs or clothing is ....................... it is the very best. I have been trapping and releasing critters for over 30 yrs.Never touch wild animals as they will bite you and you could get rabies and DIE. crittercatcher.org

Flying squirrel

Flying squirrel up close in a live trap

MH Hog Farming

Matthew Heintz sings funny songs about Maine and Maine life